Videos and television (Vineyard talk and others)

the Society of Vineyard Scholars 2011, SVS 2011 Plenary #2: Tanya Luhrmann:

The Stanford News Release with video of church members praying

the article:

the video:

the miracle of skype video and an eager questioner from Patheos:

 Based on your research, did people find it successful to ask God for things and have their prayers answered? What did they think when prayers went unanswered?

How did your view on experiencing God change during the process of researching and writing this book?
What have you learned since your book has come out?
What is the difference between those who learn to hear God’s voice and those who don’t?
Based on your research, can you train yourself to have this sort of intense communication with God?
For the people who told you they hear God, what did they mean? Did they have conversations? Have visions? What did they typically hear or see?

 The Dylan Ratigan Show 5/10 God and Deepak Chopra

Ann Arbor Vineyard sermon by m and two sermons on the book: engaging an interactive God

PLos Blog by Greg Downey, including a video of a talk I gave on distressing voices in three countries


TEDx Stanford 2015