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  1. 1) Not the most scientific study — there are millions others who know God by real personal experiences and they do not live in the vicinity where Ms. Luhrmann conducted her research. At least she should list the limitation of her research so we know the conclusion is also limited to some constrain. This is especially critical for someone who does not believe God’s existence or does not believe or have relationship with God. Unfortunally, in this matter, you are either on this side or on the opposite side and there is no middle ground. Having to be at one side studying the other side, the best you could do is to clarify your own limitations — being scientific about it.
    2) The question she tries to answer already indicate an intention of the answer.

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  3. The foundation of Christian theology is expressed in the early ecumenical creeds which contain claims predominantly accepted by followers of the Christian faith. These professions state that Jesus suffered, died, was buried, and was subsequently resurrected from the dead in order to grant eternal life to those who believe in him and trust him for the remission of their sins.-

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  4. Within the last year I have almost been hit by a truck while about to legally cross the road. I was almost hit while I was waiting for a bus when a car lost control, the driver accelerated and plowed into a guard rail just as I jumped out of the way in the nick of time. Was God watching out for me? I have being mulling over this. I was also out of work for a few years, and was recently hired full time. I had prayed before and after the job interview. Whatever God decided I would go along with. I felt a certain peace. But let me also tell you that I have been reading nothing but books written by popular atheist writers this year past. I have been reading the bible before I go to sleep trying to bolster my skepticism of the existence of God. It has come to not. I have found that my beingness with God has evolved to a pantheistic feeling of being one with it all. That God is everywhere and in everything.

    I was born and raised a Roman Catholic, but haven’t seriously attended services for forty years. I am still looking for a place where I can worship. As the Grateful Dead sing “What a long strange trip its been.”



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